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Elite Info Tech, Inc. (Elite Info) is an educational institution established to provide first-class instruction necessary for a rewarding career in the specialized field of medical coding.


An Intensive Online program proven to produce successful coders and healthcare professionals 

certified proffesors

Qualified faculty with real life clinical & coding experience 

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Excellent training through a ground-breaking hands-on approach  

WHO we are

Elite Info-Tech is the leader in online integrated and accelerated medical coding preparatory courses. For over a decade, we have been successful in providing and delivering the highest quality training and education in Health Information, Revenue Cycle, Clinical Documentation and Medical Record Coding.

Production Of Sucessful Medical Coders

Why Us ?

An Intensive program proven to produce successful coders and healthcare professionals

Excellent Online Training

Why Us ?

Excellent training through a ground-breaking hands-on approach  

Certified Professors

Why Us?

Qualified faculty with real life clinical & coding experience 

Employer Driven Curriculum

Why Us?

Employer driven curriculum – gain knowledge & skills employers seek 


We provide opportunities to succeed

Elite Info-Tech was founded to provide students with the essential professional and technical knowledge, skills and competencies fundamental to the medical coding professional and careers in healthcare.  One of our main goals is to fill a void in medical coding education.  There is a growing concern that while graduates of many medical coding training programs pass the certification exam, they often have difficulty performing their duties once employed.  With this in mind, we designed a unique educational program that provides foundational and advanced knowledge paired with hands-on training as its fundamental base.  Our graduates are equipped with practical technical knowledge that enables them not only to pass the national certification exam, but also to perform their professional duties with excellence.

MAIN Careers
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Employer driven curriculum – gain knowledge & skills employers seek

Introduction to advanced Encoder system 

Job Placement assistance and referral 

High CCS passing rate & Successful Employment

Increased earning potential 

Affordability and payment plan option 


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At Elite Info-Tech, we have your future in mind, and we can have you prepared for an exciting new and gratifying career in as little as six months! We utilize multiple teaching methods to ensure success and provide an outstanding learning experience.

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Our Integrated Fast-Track Curriculum includes a combination of intensive live instructions, compressed and rigorous contents, hands-on training with exercises, competency skills coursework, CCS Review, Mock Exam, and online access to critical references and resources. At Elite Info-Tech, you will learn useful knowledge and skills necessary to pass the National Certification Exam and to be successful.