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With the complex and ever-changing demands in the healthcare field, our course have been designed to focus on learning outcome. Our Mission is to enhance the health information professional plans for its future through education, and empower the students so that upon entering the workforce, they can impact and improve the quality and efficiency of the health care delivery systems. Keeping in mind the dynamics of healthcare systems and technology, we want our students to gain knowledge and necessary skills to build a successful health information career that healthcare employers seek.

Elite Info-Tech developed proven techniques, methodologies and educational strategies that teach our students relevant knowledge and critical skills that stimulate autonomous learning as much as possible and provide the highest level of confidence in order to be successful in their field.  

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Our Vision is to ensure that our students have the highest quality of education by surrounding them with dedicated and experienced instructors. The combination of hard work of the student, and the experience and expertise of the instructors, is the perfect recipe that will help our students have a better life and career.


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Dr. Anton Hawatmeh, MD, graduated from the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki (the oldest medical university in the world,) in Greece with high honors as a medical doctor. He was a resident in internal medicine and general surgery at AXEPA (Aristotle’s National Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece). He was also a three year resident in psychiatry and neurophysiology in Athens, Greece. After pursuing his medical degree, and teaching briefly medical students at the University of Athens, he returned to his native Jordan as a doctor and lecturer at the National Hospital of Zarka, Jordan and the University of Amman. 

Since he came to the United States, Dr. Hawatmeh has received the E.C.F.M.G. (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) Certificate, FLEX (Federation License Exam of California) Certificate, a recognition award from Galaxy Medical College, as well as many other recognition awards from known hospitals and colleges in Southern California. Dr. Hawatmeh is fluent in three languages (English, Arabic and Greek), as well as a member of the American Medical Association and Los Angeles Medical Association. He is also a voracious reader of medical textbooks as well as an active follower of modern day medical technologies and advancements. He has over 15 years of experience in teaching and lecturing medical students, MCAT students, nursing and PA students as well as pharmacy and medical assistants. He teaches Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Neurophysiology, Pathology, and Psychology, as well as medical terminology. Dr. Hawatmeh is also a very active participant in different hospital programs and clinics, learning and teaching up-to-date medical subjects, as well as being a firm believer in the philosophy that knowledge and education should be passed to the generations to come to the fullest extent. He was an advisory board member in ICDC College and he was awarded an outstanding teaching and directing award for the past 6 years.
Dr. Hawatmeh has participated in different institutions in the research department and also has issued many articles and publications in the ICDC special journals and different newsletters and newspapers and in other languages besides English. He joined the prestigious Southern California University of Health Sciences in the spring of 2009 and he was awarded a special recognition award of the most outstanding teaching in Anatomy& Physiology for 2011-2012 of SCUHS-ISP Program. He was appointed as a part- time program director within the SPS (School of Professional Studies) of SCUHS University.
Dr. Hawatmeh has recently worked as a professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the Accelerated Science Program at -ISP (United States University) and more recently with Holy Names University-ISP_ISP program.
Dr. Hawatmeh has been employed as an Anatomy 1 instructor (part time) by Mount Saint Mary’s University, and as a pathology instructor, A&P, Pharmacology instructor at WCU-ACC.


At Elite Info-Tech, our ground-breaking approach to teaching has helped propelled us to the top as recognized leader in the training of HIM professionals.  Elite Info-Tech emphasizes a hands-on approach to teaching.  You will begin acquiring the skills necessary to perform your duties from the very first day.  With the employers’ needs in mind, our curriculum is designed to ensure success and longevity at your place of employment.  We are a career-focused institution that promises to provide you with a comprehensive educational experience in an atmosphere conducive to learning and individual growth.  Whether you are a current or future HIM professional, Elite Info-Tech provides the quality education and skills that will GUARANTEE your success.  At Elite Info-Tech, we will share ‘trade-secrets’ to help increase your confidence and make you successful & marketable.    


The Integrated CCS Prep Program offers a curriculum that provides the solid foundation, knowledge, skills and competencies fundamental to medical coding profession. The integrated program takes about 6 months. The live instruction classes are offered once a week on the weekends (Saturday or Sunday depending on the cohort).  The Lab schedule will be flexible, and this will be based around the students’ available time.  Lab with instructor/mentor will be provided as well and will be scheduled accordingly.