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Amanda Hoang, RHIA, CCS

Medical Coder

Going into Coding turned out to be one of the best decisions for my professional career. I was able to find many jobs with great pay right after I finished the course. I was also promoted in less than 6 months to be the Lead. With Medical Coding, one can work two full time jobs because the hours are flexible, the work is remote and there are many opportunities.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking to change careers, and/or to expand their knowledge in the medical field, to consider taking their courses. The teachers and advisors are all very accomplished, and you can see the amount of hard work and dedication they put into making sure the students retain the coursework. The skills I learned under their guidance have proven to be extremely useful and invaluable.

Alumni 2015

Dennis Trang, CCS

Remote Medical Coder – Change Healthcare

Getting into Medical Coding was the best career choice I have ever made.  I was able to find a job right after I graduated thanks to the job placement assistant.  I have worked as a Remote Medical Coder for almost 10 years now and I enjoyed every moment of it. The best thing about my job is the flexibility.  Since I can work anytime, I like it.  It allows me to set my schedule and run errands when I needed to.   Nothing beats that.  I was able to buy my first house 5 years ago.  I am very happy with that. I would have to say that I am not financially struggling anymore like I used to, ever since I started coding and I am forever thankful for this. 

Alumni 2014

Sally Lam


I’ve been in the medical coding industry for over 10 years now and couldn’t have done it right without this program. Before this program, I was taking coding courses at a community college and it just wasn’t the same. They lacked so much compare to Elite Info Tech.  The teachers at Elite Info Tech are incredibly knowable and advisable. They offer job assistant and that’s how I was able to land a remote job right away with great pay. It’s been truly a blessing. I was able to purchase my 1st home within a few years. It has changed my life and set me up for a career. It will open doors to many opportunities for you. I highly recommend this program.


Alumni 2015

Raymond Santos, CCS

Inpatient Coder, SCL Health, Lutheran Medical Center

Getting the CCS Prep Course & Review was the turning point of my career.  I initially enrolled at a different school but I was very disappointed therefore, I switched to the CCS Prep Course & Review and my life has changed since then.  The instructors are all successful and established in their field. They are hands-on and extremely helpful.  The diverse content of their courses, the integrated curriculum and the hands-on training in coding, revenue cycle and technology are all valuable in this field.  I learned vast knowledge and skills that contributed to my success. They offer job assistance, referrals and mentoring which is quite extraordinary.  It is rare to have instructors that will go above and beyond to help their students.  I gained confidence and felt secured about my career. I have been an Inpatient Coder for 10 years. I have travelled as a Consultant and did remote coding for various companies and top hospitals all over the US.  Remote Coding is very convenient especially when I started my family and now with the COVID Pandemic.  This is the best decision of my career and I consider myself lucky and successful to be able to buy a house at a young age and early in my career.  With my CCS, I am able to expand and venture into different job opportunities. 

Alumni 2014

Ruth Salonga


The knowledge that I obtained from the CCS course has helped me tremendously in landing my dream job, which prior to taking the course, I thought would be impossible to reach. I have been working as a CDI for the past 7 years in one of the leading hospitals here in California – a position that offers great health benefits and pension plan.


It was in 2013 when I enrolled for the CCS course at Elite Info Tech. I was a foreign nursing graduate who passed CA NCLEX, but was still waiting for my license. I took the classes on the weekends which was a great advantage because I was able to work and earn during the weekdays. With the help of my teachers in imparting the knowledge I needed to become a certified coding specialist, I passed the CCS Exam in the same year I completed the course.


Currently, I am a CDI Specialist with CCS, CDIP, CCDS certifications. I am glad that I took the CCS course at Elite because they prepared me with the necessary knowledge and foundation needed to dive into the world of medical coding.  This has been one of the best investments of my time and money.

Alumni 2014

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